Year: 2016

Some Thursdays are prettier than others

A bright, frosty Thursday. 01.12.16 • • • • • #videos #instavideo #tutorial #vine #videooftheday #youtube #videogram #film #movie #diy #vines #lovely #loveit #videography #hairstyle #inlove #maquiagem #dogsofinsta #creative #dog #kalimantan #walk #walking #park #forest #hike #evening #ireland #dundalk A video posted by Stephen (@iwant2begod) on Dec 2, 2016 at 1:24pm PST A few photos […]

Halloween Spell Book DIY

I love Halloween and I love Halloween parties. Halloween isn’t a night in our family, it’s more of a season and I was really feeling it on Saturday night. I sat in with great movies,  a drink or two and I started a Halloween Spell book DIY for my party ‘Potion’ mixing station. It’s pretty easy, you just […]

Belfast Day Trip

A Belfast day trip: We spent a few hours in Belfast, had a great day and got home in time to pour a whiskey sour or two. • A rainy Thursday • A video posted by Taine King (@mmmtaine) on Jul 28, 2016 at 1:19am PDT The Botanic Gardens Renoir Botanical • Teatime • #red#teacup#coffee#cinemagraph […]

Road trip to Dingle, Co. Kerry

We packed the car and drove 5ish hours to Co. Kerry. Great company, great music, a beautiful house, amazing views, Ripley approved, we’ll be back! We managed to get a lil bit of Go Pro footage, including our makeshift ‘Ripley Cam’. (We are now definitely on the market for a dog Go Pro harness if anyone […]

DIY Log Slice Project

It has almost been two years since Stephen and I carried a rather heavy log slice down from our forest mountain walk. It has been drying out and I have been procrastinating on this DIY log slice project since. Originally I had imagined painting it white to display glass pieces, or stacking carefully folded towels in the […]

Harry Potter, finaly!

I have finaly completed the Harry Potter series of books and I can honestly say my heart is full! Nobody wants to read a review from me, I just want to document for myself that I loved it, learned from it and I wish I read them earlier. • happy long weekend • #harrypotter #kitten […]

Early Morning Rain

  Early morning dog swim with my sisters followed by the best eggs at Strandfield. My bearded collie cross ‘Ripley’ loves to swim in the rain. • morning rain • And we were promised sun today? I'm ready for Autumn! #rain#cinemagraph#sisters#ireland#irishblogger A video posted by Taine King (@mmmtaine) on Aug 6, 2016 at 7:14am PDT

Customised Party Cocktail Menus

I do love to add a little bit of extra love to a group get-together with customised cocktail menus. Its such a great idea for birthdays and hen parties. I just ring up the venue in advance to get a copy of the cocktails they have on offer and print out a few of my […]

Elephant Gig Visual design : Spirit Store

Elephant • Full band • Spirit Store • 15th April 2016 • Special Guest Rosa Nutty FarneyHouse worked on the music visuals for Elephants Spirit Store gig – we wanted something bright and cheery on the surface but something a little more longing and languishing in tone. We choose a bright yellow base for our […]