Elephant Gig Visual design : Spirit Store

Elephant • Full band • Spirit Store • 15th April 2016 • Special Guest Rosa Nutty

FarneyHouse worked on the music visuals for Elephants Spirit Store gig – we wanted something bright and cheery on the surface but something a little more longing and languishing in tone. We choose a bright yellow base for our print and web posters and used it as the main focus on the stage backdrop – we filmed our hand choreography in front of a green screen to get this simple effect.

Our first test attempt was an instant fail as the hand movements were far too ‘chirpy and magician like’ for the tone we wanted to set. See our out takes below.

Test shoot out takes from the @weareelephant gig stage visuals

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Elephants upcoming album has been described as a kind of ‘break up album’ and we needed to re asses the feeling we wanted to convey and match it up with the movements – in the end I think we got a strong finished piece from a very simple effect.


Elephant Poster

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Thanks all for last night! @rosanutty #spiritstore …………. Photo by @rachelmul86

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