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A David Bowie Tribute

This design project was a lot of fun! The Dundalk music scene are a talented, dedicated group of people and It felt good to add my small piece to their vision for the tribute album. My good friend Shane took the passing of one of his heroes pretty hard that morning – we chatted about […]

Elephant Gig Visual design : Spirit Store

Elephant • Full band • Spirit Store • 15th April 2016 • Special Guest Rosa Nutty FarneyHouse worked on the music visuals for Elephants Spirit Store gig – we wanted something bright and cheery on the surface but something a little more longing and languishing in tone. We choose a bright yellow base for our […]

Elephant Art – Facebook Covers

Elephant is very fortunate to get a lot of gigs, so much that I just could not keep up with designing new posters. We now try to update the Facebook cover image regularly with new gig dates. I think a striking Facebook cover image really sets the tone of your page and shouldn’t be overlooked. […]

“Listen Listen” Album Art Design

I haven’t blogged in such a long time – I can’t believe christmas is just around the corner. I have been pretty busy with a few projects and a new wee puppy just landed in our family (so many pictures to follow!) Based of my ‘Elephant’ music design, I was contacted a few weeks ago […]

gig promotion cards

Elephant Gig Artwork – Elephant Call Cards

I had to cut out each little Elephant Gig Artwork cards by hand but I enjoyed it. These little cards will hopefully direct the audience to Elephant’s facebook and website as Shane doesn’t like to mention it while on stage – see the short promo film below Elephant – Making the Card from elephant band on […]