Author: Táine

A David Bowie Tribute

This design project was a lot of fun! The Dundalk music scene are a talented, dedicated group of people and It felt good to add my small piece to their vision for the tribute album. My good friend Shane took the passing of one of his heroes pretty hard that morning – we chatted about […]

Some Thursdays are prettier than others

A bright, frosty Thursday. 01.12.16 • • • • • #videos #instavideo #tutorial #vine #videooftheday #youtube #videogram #film #movie #diy #vines #lovely #loveit #videography #hairstyle #inlove #maquiagem #dogsofinsta #creative #dog #kalimantan #walk #walking #park #forest #hike #evening #ireland #dundalk A video posted by Stephen (@iwant2begod) on Dec 2, 2016 at 1:24pm PST A few photos […]

Halloween Spell Book DIY

I love Halloween and I love Halloween parties. Halloween isn’t a night in our family, it’s more of a season and I was really feeling it on Saturday night. I sat in with great movies,  a drink or two and I started a Halloween Spell book DIY for my party ‘Potion’ mixing station. It’s pretty easy, you just […]

Belfast Day Trip

A Belfast day trip: We spent a few hours in Belfast, had a great day and got home in time to pour a whiskey sour or two. • A rainy Thursday • A video posted by Taine King (@mmmtaine) on Jul 28, 2016 at 1:19am PDT The Botanic Gardens Renoir Botanical • Teatime • #red#teacup#coffee#cinemagraph […]

Road trip to Dingle, Co. Kerry

We packed the car and drove 5ish hours to Co. Kerry. Great company, great music, a beautiful house, amazing views, Ripley approved, we’ll be back! We managed to get a lil bit of Go Pro footage, including our makeshift ‘Ripley Cam’. (We are now definitely on the market for a dog Go Pro harness if anyone […]

DIY Log Slice Project

It has almost been two years since Stephen and I carried a rather heavy log slice down from our forest mountain walk. It has been drying out and I have been procrastinating on this DIY log slice project since. Originally I had imagined painting it white to display glass pieces, or stacking carefully folded towels in the […]

Harry Potter, finaly!

I have finaly completed the Harry Potter series of books and I can honestly say my heart is full! Nobody wants to read a review from me, I just want to document for myself that I loved it, learned from it and I wish I read them earlier. • happy long weekend • #harrypotter #kitten […]

Early Morning Rain

  Early morning dog swim with my sisters followed by the best eggs at Strandfield. My bearded collie cross ‘Ripley’ loves to swim in the rain. • morning rain • And we were promised sun today? I'm ready for Autumn! #rain#cinemagraph#sisters#ireland#irishblogger A video posted by Taine King (@mmmtaine) on Aug 6, 2016 at 7:14am PDT