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Halloween Spell Book DIY

I love Halloween and I love Halloween parties. Halloween isn’t a night in our family, it’s more of a season and I was really feeling it on Saturday night. I sat in with great movies,  a drink or two and I started a Halloween Spell book DIY for my party ‘Potion’ mixing station. It’s pretty easy, you just […]

DIY Log Slice Project

It has almost been two years since Stephen and I carried a rather heavy log slice down from our forest mountain walk. It has been drying out and I have been procrastinating on this DIY log slice project since. Originally I had imagined painting it white to display glass pieces, or stacking carefully folded towels in the […]

Home Office Makeover

Home Office DIY : Weekend Diaries

While friends sent us very merry messages from Electric Picnic, Stephen and I browsed the aisles of Ikea and spent some time at our home office DIY. It was a lot of dancing around in paint splattered hair and jammies, complaining that our new desks wouldn’t fit in the car, pouring drinks, checking wee Wendy’s […]

DIY Polaroid Display Project

Polaroids – from Taine King on Vimeo. I notice my little stack of polaroids has grown into a bigger stack of polaroids and I need to find a clever, cute way to protect and display them all. I’ll update this post with my DIY Polaroid Display Project when I have it finished. Here are a […]

homemade diy flower crown

Homemade Flower Crown

My first attempt at a homemade flower crown. I noticed my valentines roses’s were starting to wilt and I didn’t want to throw them out just yet, so I took the opportunity to try my hand at a floral crown head dress. I have swooned over images of floral crowns online for weeks and I […]