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Elephant Music Visuals • Mirrors

Elephant wrote a beautiful new song • Mirrors • so Shane needed new music visuals

I plan to do a full post on Farney House x Elephant project process soon, (or as soon as I get up and running) but until then here’s just a quick visual run down of what we came up with.

elephant mirrors

Official Mirros Music Video

We created a series of teaser cinema-graphs and videos in the lead up to the video release.

A post shared by Elephant (@weareelephant) on

A post shared by Elephant (@weareelephant) on

Teaser Clips

A David Bowie Tribute

This design project was a lot of fun! The Dundalk music scene are a talented, dedicated group of people and It felt good to add my small piece to their vision for the tribute album.

My good friend Shane took the passing of one of his heroes pretty hard that morning – we chatted about the strange confusing emotions of feeling something so strong for a person that you have never set eyes on in real life, a person who does not personally impact your day to day life in any way. We listened to our favourite tracks, watched our favourite videos and read beautiful tributes from normal people like us who felt the exact same.

 Then Shane planned his own tribute.
Congrats Shane, Alan and everyone else involved! It’s beautiful!!

david bowie tribute dundalk

 “We are the Dundalk music scene and we would like to thank Jason Varley and Joseph Edwards for their time recording and mastering the album and Táine King for creating the artwork. Also, to the following for their generous donations: Heineken, Noreast Beers, East Coast suppliers, The Spirit Store and Clarke Rewinds. To David Bowie, we wish to say thank you for creating the soundtrack to our lives. All proceeds go to North Louth Hospice.”

more info on the album here:

david bowie tribute dundalk
david bowie tribute dundalk

Some Thursdays are prettier than others

A bright, frosty Thursday.



A few photos from our dog walk today. It really was a gorgeous bright day. We took a drive up to ‘Long Womans Grave’ and down through Omeath.


Halloween Spell Book DIY

I love Halloween and I love Halloween parties. Halloween isn’t a night in our family, it’s more of a season and I was really feeling it on Saturday night. I sat in with great movies,  a drink or two and I started a Halloween Spell book DIY for my party ‘Potion’ mixing station.



It’s pretty easy, you just need a few basics and you can change it up and add more detail to suit your scene.

  • a book
  • spray paint, black and brown
  • glue and kitchen roll
  • inside sheets of paper
  • tea bag
  • ink/ pen for spells
  • centre piece ribbon
  • matches/lighter

I cut some thick sketch paper down to size and scribbled my spells in black ink. I didn’t focus too much on this as they can be swapped out of the book at any time. There are some great resources on Pinterest for downloadable spell pages – from Disney’s Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter and a more authentic victorian design.

I went with my own ‘Happiness Spell’ and a Dumbledore quote.

Simply stain these pages by rubbing a wet teabag over them and leave to dry. I tea stained the outer pages of the book also.


The book cover was just a combination of ripped kitchen towels, glue – left to dry – and spray painted. This is probably not Papier Mâché best practice but it worked for me.

A short time lapse of creating the cover

I glued in my Spell pages into the centre spread and added a mid ribbon down the inner spine. I then burned and charred all the edges with matches. The pages were still damp from the tea staining so it charred and didn’t flame.


You can add as much detail to the cover as you wish, you can also add many more spell pages – I might add a few more before Halloween weekend. Happy Halloween all and I recommend the Happiness Spell, it works!! 🎃




Road trip to Dingle, Co. Kerry

We packed the car and drove 5ish hours to Co. Kerry.
Great company, great music, a beautiful house, amazing views, Ripley approved, we’ll be back!

We managed to get a lil bit of Go Pro footage, including our makeshift ‘Ripley Cam’. (We are now definitely on the market for a dog Go Pro harness if anyone can recommend one?)

We were lucky to have perfect weather for the Dingle Food Festival, Murphys ice-cream was my highlight – Champagne Sorbet and Raspberry

murphys ice cream dingle

Beautiful weather on a gorgeous beach just before a crazy down pour.

Connors Pass, a little nerve wrecking but completely worth it!

House view of Mount Brandon

DIY Log Slice Project

It has almost been two years since Stephen and I carried a rather heavy log slice down from our forest mountain walk. It has been drying out and I have been procrastinating on this DIY log slice project since.

Originally I had imagined painting it white to display glass pieces, or stacking carefully folded towels in the bathroom – But now I’m thinking of adding caster wheels and using it as a mobile, living room drinks side table.

Update: I just picked up the castor wheels from Woodies and this project is a go for next week.

Inspiration images below from Pinterest.
diy log slice project

Pinterest Link

diy log slice project

Pinterest Link

Harry Potter, finaly!

I have finaly completed the Harry Potter series of books and I can honestly say my heart is full!

Nobody wants to read a review from me, I just want to document for myself that I loved it, learned from it and I wish I read them earlier.

I read a lot as a kid, and far too much true crime as a teenager but then I discovered box sets/Netflix and only seemed to find time to flick through brightly coloured coffee table books that I just had to buy before bed.

I’m sure I don’t need to sell you the wonders and benefits of reading – I just needed to remind myself!

I now solemnly swear, by Dumbldore, to read everyday!

Currently reading: Interview with a vampire