Sisterhood of the Travelling Scarf

A few years ago my wonderful friend Emma and I went on a cheap yet cheerful holiday to sunny Spain. (Stephen and Jason also joined us but perhaps not so much involved in the sisterhood.) We indulged in our usual activities of drinking a little too much, eating way too much, complaining about the heat, pretending to be mermaids in the pool and dancing on the grass.

One afternoon Emma went scarf shopping at one of the local markets stalls. While she scarf shopped in the heat, I took refuge from the sun under a tree thinking she was crazy, and believe me, she mostly is, but I am so very glad she did, because now we have this beautiful scarf that we kind of fight over every couple of months.

Every time she wore it I admired it. One lucky day she left it in my house after a weekend of movies and cocktails. It was mid autumn, perfect scarf weather, and I wore it every single day. I wore it with every single cardigan, tights, floaty skirt, ankle boots combo outfit I owned. I loved it and it became mine!

When she took it back I missed it. No other scarf could ever really replace it. My floaty, messy cardigan outfits just didn’t feel right and Christmas was a little lonely without it. But now, perhaps through a little magic, a stroke of good luck or maybe a little careful planning, the scarf was left behind in the back of my car. Here it is, in all its beautifully woven wonderfulness, and for now, in this sisterhood of the travelling scarf, it’s mine!

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  1. It is an awesome scarf, maybe with a bit of luck or sneaky planning you might leave it at our house… lol :P

  2. grainne king

    Luv it xxxx

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