Enniskillien Hotel & Florence Court

Florence Court

Weekend Diaries: a mini trip to The Enniskillien Hotel and Florence Court.

We wanted to visit the Marble Arch caves for awhile now and chose The Enniskillien Hotel as our base. The drive down was great, the hotel was great but unfortunately the weather was awful and the caves were flooded. We made the most of it though, we booked The Enniskillien Hotel whiskey tasting experience and visited Florence Court. I truly recommend both.

I found the whole whiskey presentation very interesting – It was quite casual and easy going so you could really enjoy and take your time. I don’t drink whiskey myself, but there was enough Prosecco cocktails on offer to keep me happy while Stephen smiled over his whiskey selections.

Florence Court was just beautiful, we floated around the walled rose gardens of the 18th century property and had a tour of the main house. The house was amazing, our guide focused on the 1920’s period of the house, the period when the last generation of children were raised. It was a wonderful experience to see the photos, furniture and daily items of this time and hear the full family and house history.

See a few of our pictures and videos below – we will be back.

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Walled Rose Garden at Florence House

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