Year: 2014

“Listen Listen” Album Art Design

I haven’t blogged in such a long time – I can’t believe christmas is just around the corner. I have been pretty busy with a few projects and a new wee puppy just landed in our family (so many pictures to follow!) Based of my ‘Elephant’ music design, I was contacted a few weeks ago […]

Home Office Makeover

Home Office DIY : Weekend Diaries

While friends sent us very merry messages from Electric Picnic, Stephen and I browsed the aisles of Ikea and spent some time at our home office DIY. It was a lot of dancing around in paint splattered hair and jammies, complaining that our new desks wouldn’t fit in the car, pouring drinks, checking wee Wendy’s […]

DIY Polaroid Display Project

Polaroids – from Taine King on Vimeo. I notice my little stack of polaroids has grown into a bigger stack of polaroids and I need to find a clever, cute way to protect and display them all. I’ll update this post with my DIY Polaroid Display Project when I have it finished. Here are a […]

Baby Shower Invitation Design

Final Baby Shower Invitation Design : Floral Tea Party. I found this beautiful painted flower resource here and thought it would be perfect for Claire’s shower invites. See the video below. Claire & Conan had a beautiful baby boy – They named him Adam. He is so tiny and so cute. Taine King Baby Shower Invitations […]